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stress management in workplace


1. Recognize Stress: 
Learning to recognize when your body is reacting to stress and identifying our stressors are the first steps in managing stress.
stress management in workplace

2. Take a Break: 
A change of pace, no matter how short, gives us a new outlook on old problems.  Take a vacation 20 minutes a day – enjoy a change from the daily routine.
stress management in workplace

3. Learn to Relax: 
Under stress, the muscles in our bodies stay tight.  One of the most effective ways to combat tensions is deep muscle relaxation.  Other techniques that produce muscle and mental relaxation are yoga, prayer, and deep breathing.
stress management in workplace

4. Be Nutritionally Aware: 
Good nutrition is vital to optimum health, and is especially critical when we are under unusual stress, or going through a major life change.
stress management in workplace

5. Exercise Regularly: 
Just like nutrition, exercise is imperative for maintaining good fitness.  Whatever you enjoy – swimming, walking, jogging, aerobic exercise – will help you let off steam and work out stress.
stress management in workplace

6. Plan your Work: 
Tension and anxiety really build up when our work seems endless.  Plan your work to use time and energy more efficiently.  Take one thing at a time.
stress management in workplace

7. Talk it Over: 
This may be the most important thing you can do for yourself if you can’t get a handle on things.  Find a good listener.  Just as a pressure relief valve allows steam to flow out of a pressure cooker and keeps it from blowing up, so talking allows stress to flow out of the body and keeps us from blowing up.
stress management in workplace

8. Accept What You Cannot Change:
 If the problem is beyond your control at this time, try your best to accept it until you can change it.  It beats spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.
stress management in workplace

9. Evaluate Your Perceptions: 
What we think is sometimes what we feel.  If we constantly think unrealistic or alarming thoughts about ourselves or other folks, then our stress level is increased.
stress management in workplace

10. Relax Unrealistic Standards: 
When we set unrealistic standards for ourselves, we usually can never reach them.  If we do, we burn out quickly.  Set reasonable goals and standards.

11. Reward Yourself: 
Find ways to reward yourself when you’ve completed a minor or major task.  We cannot always depend on others to recognize us, so we must develop our own reward system.

12. Become Assertive: 
Take steps to solve problems instead of feeling helpless.  Distinguishing assertiveness (respecting others’ rights and your rights) from aggressiveness and passivity can do much to resolve internal stress.

13. Rediscover Humor:
 Learn to laugh at yourself and your situation!

14. Increase Pleasurable Activities: 
Take time to participate in fun, pleasurable, activities on a regular basis.

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